Nuclear facility – Douglas Point Waste Facility

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The Douglas Point Waste Facility (DPWF) comprises of the reactor building, service building, turbine building and administration wing, an area for storing concrete canisters filled with used nuclear fuel and several outbuildings.

Location: Tiverton, Ontario, on the site of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station
Licensee:Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd. (CNL)
Reactor type:200-Megawatt electric prototype Canadian deuterium uranium (CANDU) power reactor
Owner: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)
Number of units:1
Installed capacity:200 MWe


In May 1984, the prototype CANDU power reactor was shut down and is currently in the process of decommissioning.

Licence issued:February 8, 2019
Licence expires:December 31, 2034
Start of operation:September 1968
Licensing documentation:Request a copy of CNL’s licence and licence conditions handbook by email at
Facility website:Douglas Point Prototype Reactor

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