Exposure device operator candidates

Looking to become a certified exposure device operator (EDO)?

The CSA Group's document CSA PCP-09 Certified Exposure Device Operator Personnel Certification Guide is the official guide for Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) EDO certification and renewal of certification.

The CNSC recently updated the application forms for EDO certification.

How to apply for EDO certification

Submit the following information to apply for certification as an EDO:

Submit your application to the CNSC by mail, fax or email:

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Personnel Certification Division
P.O. Box 1046, Station B
280 Slater Street
Ottawa ON, K1P 5S9

Fax: 613-995-5086
Email: forms-formulaires@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca

Processing time

Processing times are posted on the CNSC's service standard page.

To avoid delays:

  • complete the application form using clear, legible print
  • include all expected information and supporting documentation
  • provide your email address, phone number and street address

To inquire about your EDO application, email the CNSC or call 613-991-3054.

Alternative training and experience

To operate an exposure device in Canada, you must be certified by the CNSC even if you are certified to operate exposure devices elsewhere. Canada does not have agreements with other countries for recognition of certification credentials.

The CNSC will assess each EDO application on a case-by-case basis, and may consider other types of education, training and experience if they meet or exceed those specified in CSA PCP-09. The CNSC will not issue a certification without having reasonable assurance that the EDO candidate has the knowledge and skills required to safely operate an exposure device.

CNSC forms

The following forms are relevant to initial certification as an EDO:

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