Licensees who employ certified exposure device operators

The Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations contain several requirements related to the possession and use of exposure devices, and licensees’ obligations. Under the current certified exposure device operator (EDO) program, licensees are responsible for all licensed activities conducted by certified EDOs while in their employment.

New As of January 1, 2017, the CNSC will consider a worker qualified to operate an exposure device only if they have a valid EDO certification card (that is, a card issued on or after February 1, 2013 that has not expired). As a result, any EDO whose certification card does not have an expiry date or whose certification card has expired will not be considered qualified to work as a certified EDO.

Licensees are also responsible for ensuring that all certified EDOs in their employment:

  • possess a valid EDO certification card issued by the CNSC, as well as a valid photo identification card issued by Natural Resources Canada
    Note: CNSC compliance inspectors will be verifying proper identification when conducting compliance field inspections
  • receive the required training on all models of exposure devices that they may potentially use with the licensee; this training must be documented and records must be provided to the CNSC on request
  • receive the required training on the licensee’s operational, health and safety, and security requirements for work related to the use of an exposure device; this includes any training on emergency response, source retrieval or transportation of dangerous goods
  • are provided with all the required documentation when using or transporting an exposure device
  • are trained to use all the safety equipment and instrumentation they require for their work with an exposure device
  • are designated as nuclear energy workers and provided with all required dosimetry
  • receive the required training to maintain the knowledge and skills to safely operate an exposure device
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