Types of Employment

There is a wide variety of job opportunities at the CNSC. We know it takes people with diverse skills, experience and talent to power a world-class nuclear regulator, and that's why we're looking for people like you.

Learn more about the types of employment we offer:

Science and Engineering

Become a valued member of our community of scientific and technical experts.

The CNSC's highly skilled technical staff ensure that we fulfill our obligation to protect health, safety, security and the environment. As a CNSC staff member, you will lead a dynamic career that allows you to do meaningful work and helps you further develop your expertise.

Below are some of the areas that CNSC employees assess, inspect and license:

  • Nuclear reactors
  • Uranium mines and mills
  • Radiation protection
  • Environment
  • Waste management
  • Engineering design and assessment
  • Quality and safety management
  • Emergency management
  • Laboratory services
  • Transportation
  • Nuclear substances
  • Human factors
  • Reactor behaviour
  • Physics and fuel
  • Nuclear security
  • Cyber security

Corporate Professionals

Do the work you love at an organization where you can make an impact.

The CNSC's corporate professional staff play an essential role in achieving our mandate. They enable our workforce, facilities and systems to be the best they can be, and ensure that our relations with local, national and international stakeholders are effective.

Below are just some of the corporate professional fields we recruit for at the CNSC:

  • Human resources
  • Accounting and finance
  • Communications
  • Legal services
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy
  • Research and evaluation
  • Indigenous and international relations
  • Information technology
  • Information management
  • Facilities and administration
  • Audit and ethics
  • Corporate security
  • Commission Registry

New Graduates

Begin a diverse and fulfilling career with the CNSC.

The CNSC's new graduate recruitment is geared towards individuals of all ages who have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution within the past two years, or who will be graduating this year.

New graduates enter our organization on one or two year terms in Science and Engineering or Corporate Professional positions, and have many opportunities to learn and grow at the CNSC. Look for our new graduate job posting on our Job Opportunities page!

Begin your career here

  • Get meaningful, challenging work that relates to your field of study
  • Learn from the world's foremost leaders in science, engineering and the environment
  • Choose to diversify your skills by working in several CNSC divisions
  • Receive a competitive salary and benefits
  • Network with peers and management at various CNSC events
  • Gain access to the Young Professionals Network (YPN) and its mentorship program
  • Be part of a diverse, bilingual and collaborative workforce


Get hands-on experience in your field of study and make an impact!

We offer a wide range of summer and co-op student opportunities, each with responsibilities that support our mandate. These opportunities fall into three categories:

  • Technical (e.g., science, engineering, IT)
  • Business support (e.g., finance, HR, communications)
  • Administrative

To be eligible to apply you must currently be enrolled in full-time studies at a post-secondary institution, and returning to full-time studies in the following school term.

Benefits of being a student at the CNSC

  • Valuable work experience in your field of study
  • One of the most attractive compensation packages among public service student employment programs
  • Vacation pay
  • Connect with a network of young professionals
  • A collaborative and inclusive workplace that values innovation

Co-op Students: Check with your post-secondary institution's co-op office for CNSC co-op postings and application deadlines!

Summer Students: Our summer student campaign is open on our Job Opportunities page from December to February.

Want to know more about the Student Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions – Students

Alumni Program

Exercise your professional skills, but have the flexibility to work at your own pace.

The CNSC's Alumni Program helps us harness the unique knowledge and technical expertise that many of our retired CNSC employees have developed over the years. Returning alumni commonly undertake short-term projects or facilitate knowledge transfer by mentoring or coaching other employees.

How does it work?

  1. Any former CNSC employee who is currently retired may apply to the alumni inventory
  2. Managers use the inventory to match applicants with short-term job requirements
  3. Individuals are hired on a term basis as-needed

How to Apply

The alumni inventory is always open for applications on our Job Opportunities page.

Want to know more about the Alumni Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions – Alumni

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