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Hi my name is Adam

and I work at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

or CNSC for short.

Today, I want to talk to you about how the CNSC provides

financial assistance through its Participant Funding Program

to get the public involved in its regulatory activities.

For major nuclear facilities and projects,

our regulatory decision-making process often includes a hearing

with presentations by the public and the nuclear industry.

Through the hearing process,

the Commission seeks valuable information to help it gain

a better understanding of the potential impacts of the

nuclear facility or activity being proposed.

It's important that we hear from individuals,

Aboriginal groups and not-for profit organizations that have

information or expertise

to help the Commission make its decision.

We recognize that participating in a hearing or other regulatory

process, such as an environmental assessment,

takes time, effort and sometimes money.

To encourage the public's involvement,

we offer financial assistance through our

Participant Funding Program.

Eligible expenses include professional fees,

travel and administrative costs.

To apply, complete the application form on our website.

When a funding opportunity becomes available.

Be sure to describe your interest in the project,

how much funding you are requesting and how this funding

will help you participate and bring valuable information

to the Commission.

An independent committee reviews all applications and makes

funding recommendations to CNSC management.

If you are awarded funding, you will need to sign an agreement.

Be aware that only expenses incurred after signing the

contribution agreement will be paid,

so get your application in as soon as a funding opportunity

is advertised.

For more information and to receive e-mail notifications

regarding CNSC activities and funding opportunities

please visit us online.

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