2009 Annual Report on Uranium Management Activities

The 2009 Annual Report on Uranium Management Activities (PDF) is the third joint report released by the CNSC and Environment Canada. Similar to the 2008 report, it documents uranium effluent releases from uranium mines and mills and other CNSC regulated facilities, and reviews management practices related to uranium in effluent within other sectors of the nuclear industry.

Highlights of the 2009 report include the following:

  • As in past years, the uranium mining sector was the best performing mining sector relative to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations effluent limits, with no exceedances in 2009.
  • Uranium in effluent from CNSC licensed facilities did not result in significant risk to the environment in 2009.
  • In 2009, uranium discharge concentrations from all operating uranium mines and mills were below the CNSC screening objective of 0.1 mg/L.
  • Uranium releases in treated effluent from uranium processing and conversion facilities continued to be very low.
  • The 2009 total annual loading released from uranium mines and mills was almost half of that from 2008.
  • The 2009 overall uranium mass loading to the environment from all CNSC licensed facilities was 36% lower than 2008.
  • The CNSC continues to work on establishing limits for nuclear substances and hazardous substances in effluent, incorporating the principles of pollution prevention and adequate control.
  • The CNSC and Environment Canada continue to meet their regulatory commitments and responsibilities associated with the safe regulation and risk management of uranium releases from nuclear facilities.

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