Regulatory Oversight Report - Nuclear Power Generating Sites

This report reviews the safety performance of Canada's nuclear power plants: Bruce A and B, Darlington, Pickering and Point Lepreau. The report assesses how well plant operators are meeting regulatory requirements and program expectations in areas such as human performance, radiation and environmental protection, and emergency management and fire protection. The report highlights emerging regulatory issues pertaining to the industry at large and to each licensed station.

CNSC staff are permanently located onsite at each facility to monitor activities, confirm regulatory requirements are met and verify regulatory program expectations including human performance, radiation and environmental protection, and emergency management.

The 2017 report assessed the safety performance of nuclear power plants, as well as the waste management facilities located at the nuclear power generating sites.

Highlights: Regulatory Oversight Report for Canadian Nuclear Power Generating Sites: 2017

  • NPPs and WMFs operated safely in 2017.
  • NPP and WMF licensees took appropriate corrective action for all events reported to the CNSC.
  • NPPs and WMFs operated within the bounds of their operating policies and principles.
  • Radiation doses to the general public were well below the regulatory limits.
  • Radiation doses to workers at NPPs and WMFs were below the regulatory limits.
  • Licensees met the applicable requirements related to Canada's international obligations.

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