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Date of publication Document Number Author Title
2017-12-14 ISSN 1926-3279 CNSC National Sealed Source Registry and Sealed Source Tracking System 2016 Annual Report
2017-11-09 ISBN 9780660237282 CNSC Human Performance Management: Fitness for Duty, Volume II: Managing Alcohol and Drug Use - REGDOC-2.2.4
2017-11-09 ISSN: 2561-1690 CNSC 2016-2017 Departmental Results Report - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
2017-10-06 ISSN: 1912-0753 CNSC Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Annual Report 2016-17
2017-09-28 ISBN 9780660094403 CNSC Licence to Operate a Nuclear Power Plant - REGDOC-1.1.3
2017-08-30 ISBN 9780660086347 CNSC REGDOC-2.5.7, Design, Testing and Performance of Exposure Devices
2017-08-30 ISBN 9780660070865 CNSC REGDOC-2.6.1, Reliability Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
2017-08-30 ISBN 9780660075655 CNSC REGDOC-2.6.2, Maintenance Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
2017-07-19 ISSN: 2560-7618 CNSC Regulatory Oversight Report for Nuclear Processing, Small Research Reactor and Class IB Accelerator Facilities: 2015
2017-05-15 ISBN 9780660078298 CNSC Licensing Process for Class I Nuclear Facilities and Uranium Mines and Mills - REGDOC-3.5.1, Version 2
2017-05-10 ISBN 9780660076041 CNSC Licence Application Guide: Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices - REGDOC-1.6.1, Version 2
2017-05-05 ISBN 9780660062556 CNSC Environmental Principles, Assessments and Protection Measures - REGDOC-2.9.1, version 1.1
2017-03-30 ISBN 9780660062082 CNSC Guide for Applicants and Intervenors Writing CNSC Commission Member Documents REGDOC-3.4.1
2017-03-21 ISBN 9780660069616 CNSC Fitness for Duty: Managing Worker Fatigue REGDOC-2.2.4
2017-03-01 ISBN 9780660076713 CNSC Personnel Certification: Exposure Device Operators REGDOC-2.2.3
2017-02-22 ISSN 2369-4351 CNSC The Science of Safety CNSC Research Report 2015-16
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039150 CNSC Basic Level: Use of Unsealed Nuclear Substances (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN 9780662039198 CNSC Intermediate Level: Use of Unsealed Nuclear Substances (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039235 CNSC High Level: Use of Unsealed Nuclear Substances (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039273 CNSC Containment Level: Use of Unsealed Nuclear Substances (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039310 CNSC Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear Medicine Procedures (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039389 CNSC Spill Procedures (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780660084930 CNSC Responding to Accidents Involving Portable Gauges (Safety Poster)
2017-02-20 ISBN: 9780662039358 CNSC Proper Care and Use of Personal Dosimeters (Safety Poster)
2017-01-11 ISBN 9780660069135 CNSC REGDOC-3.6 Glossary of CNSC Terminology
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