Canada’s Uranium Mines and Mills in 2013

Uranium Mines and Mills in Canada

Staying safe and environmentally responsible

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Canada’s Uranium Mines and Mills in 2015

This infographic features some key safety facts about Canada’s 5 operating mines and mills in 2015

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Canada has five operational uranium mines and mills located in northern Saskatchewan.The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is responsible for regulating, licensing and inspecting these facilities to protect the public, workers and the environment.

Digging Up the Facts:

  • 30 on site inspections CNSC inspectors completed 30 on site inspections of uranium mines and mills in 2015.
  • 600 monitoring stations Inspectors collect and analyze data from over 600 sediment, air and water quality monitoring stations.
  • Fish, animals and plants are tested regularly to reaffirm they are safe for consumption.
  • 19 environmental spills were reported  to the CNSC. All spills were minor, cleaned up quickly and had no lasting environmental impacts.
  • 9,300 metric tonnes of uranium were produced.
  • 0 grams were used to produce nuclear weapons.
  • 7,490 people worked in Canadian uranium mines and mills.
  • 0 were overexposed to radiation.
1999 – Cluff Lake operational
2008 – Cluff Lake decommissioned
2014 – Cluff Lake decommissioned

The CNSC requires nuclear facility operators to provide financial guarantees to cover the costs of decommissioning and long-term waste management to ensure no burden is left to future generations.

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