• Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy

    In Canada, 48% of the radiation we will be exposed to in our lifetimes will come from medical procedures. This infographic features information nuclear medicine imaging and radiotherapy.

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  • Diagnostic Imaging and Ionizing Radiation

    The CNSC regulates the production, transport, uses and disposal of radioisotopes in Canada to protect the health and safety of patients and medical staff. Find out more about the radiation doses you’re exposed to in everyday life from medical tests and naturally occurring radiation.

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  • A Look Ahead at 2016

    What’s ahead for nuclear safety and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission this year? Take a look.

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  • Top 10 nuclear-related news stories for 2015

    Check out the CNSC’s top 10 nuclear-related news stories for 2015.


  • The CNSC... By the Numbers

    Here’s a picture in numbers – from the number of inspections conducted annually to the amount of money devoted to research – to help you learn more about how the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) fulfills its mandate.


  • Radiation in Action

    The CNSC licenses the use and production of over 250 radioisotopes in Canada. This infographic features examples of isotopes used in applications all around us.

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  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

    This infographic features the electromagnetic spectrum, describing the entire range of wavelengths from gamma rays to radio waves.


  • Nuclear Medicine

    This infographic features some examples of common radioisotopes that have transformed medicine as we once knew it.

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  • What is Radioactive Waste?

    This infographic features the definition of radioactive waste and describes different aspects of its four classifications

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  • Canada’s Uranium Mines and Mills in 2013

    This infographic features some key safety facts about Canada’s 5 operating mines and mills in 2013.

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  • 10 Facts About Canada’s Nuclear Power Plants

    This infographic features ten key facts about nuclear power plants in Canada, focusing on safety-related information.

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  • Radioactive Me

    This infographic features a series of illustrations that reveal the many ways in which radiation is naturally present in our environment.