Relicensing hearing for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

June 24, 2015

arial view of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is located in the municipality of Clarington on the north shore of Lake Ontario, and has four nuclear reactors.

With the operating licence set to expire at the end of 2015, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has applied to the CNSC to renew it until 2028. This would allow adequate time to complete the proposed refurbishment of all Darlington units.

CNSC Hearing Process

Watch the CNSC Hearing Process video

Hearing and key dates

The CNSC will hold a two-part public hearing to examine OPG’s request.

Here are some key dates:

Ontario Power Generation’s licensing documentation

As part of its public information program, OPG has posted documents related to relicensing, including its application and technical documents for the refurbishment project.

Visit OPG’s Darlington nuclear licence renewal Web page for more information.

Participant funding

Funding has been made available to assist the public in participating in the hearing. As proceedings were originally scheduled for last year, this funding was advertised in March 2014.

The independent committee that reviews applications has approved funding for seven groups, of up to $65,394.

Read more about the history of participant funding offered for the Darlington relicensing hearing.

Refurbishment process

A nuclear power plant’s life can be extended by several decades through refurbishment, which modernizes and enhances major equipment and systems.

Some typical components that are replaced include the pressure tubes and other primary heat transport system components, which contain the nuclear fuel and coolant.

In addition to replacing components, refurbishment also provides opportunities to enhance safety by modernizing and updating technology and knowledge.

The CNSC oversees refurbishment projects, from initial planning before shutdown to a plant’s return to service.

Find out more about the CNSC’s role in overseeing refurbishment and life extension projects.

Read more about the Darlington refurbishment project on OPG’s website.

Environmental assessment

In March 2013, the CNSC approved an environmental assessment looking at the impact of the refurbishment project and continued operation of the facility for several decades.

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