Public Hearing for Pickering

On May 7, the Commission will examine OPG's request to allow reactors to operate until 2018

April 29, 2014

Graphical representation of CANDU reactor face, showing the ends of the pressure tubes in which the fuel is inserted to produce power

In August 2013, when the Commission Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) renewed the operating licence of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station until 2018, the regulator imposed certain conditions to allow Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to continue operating the plant.

These conditions include a hold point to consider additional information on the basis and methodologies which support Pickering's continued operation beyond 210,000 equivalent full power hours. 

These 210,000 hours represent the original assumed design life of the pressure tubes.

Such a design assumption does not mean, however, that the reactor cannot safely operate beyond this point.

Watch live proceedings on May 7

On May 7, the CNSC will hold a public hearing — which will be webcast — to examine this issue, as well as updated technical studies (known as probabilistic safety assessments) completed for the site.

Actions related to enhancements and lessons learned from Fukushima will also be discussed.

When renewing the licence, the CNSC directed OPG to produce of a new, more effective emergency management brochure, for wide distribution around the facility.

OPG will provide an update for that project on May 7.

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End of Commercial Operation

By June 30, 2017, OPG is required to clarify its long-term plan for waste management, along with the date when commercial operations would end at all the Pickering units.

Browse hearing documents

You can consult all key hearing documents, by either downloading or requesting them electronically.

These include submissions from CNSC staff and OPG.

Visit OPG's website

Visit OPG's website to easily access key documents related to the public hearing on the Pickering licence.