Regulatory oversight report for Canadian nuclear power plants

Updated September 30, 2015

Each year, the CNSC publishes a report on the safety performance of Canada's nuclear power plants (NPP).

The report assesses how well plant operators are meeting regulatory requirements and program expectations in areas such as human performance, radiation and environmental protection, and emergency management and fire protection.

Showing comparisons and trends where possible, the report highlights emerging regulatory issues pertaining to the industry at large and to each licensed station.

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Overall performance highlights: 2014

VIDEO Post-Fukushima Improvements to Nuclear Power Plants

Post-Fukushima Improvements to Nuclear Power Plants
  • six NPPs had operating licences
  • 19 reactor units were operational
  • Gentilly-2 was transitioning to safe storage throughout the year and completed the transition on December 2, 2014
  • Pickering Units 2 and 3 remained in safe storage, consistent with previous years, after they were defuelled in 2008

Through site inspections, reviews and assessments, CNSC staff concluded that the NPPs operated safely during 2014.

The evaluations of all findings for the safety and control areas (SCAs) show that, overall, NPP licensees made adequate provision for the protection of the health, safety and security of persons and the environment from the use of nuclear energy, and took the measures required to implement Canada's international obligations.

VIDEO Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems

Nuclear Power Plants Safety Systems

The following observations support the conclusion of safe operation:

  • there were no serious process failures at the NPPs
  • no member of the public received a radiation dose that exceeded the regulatory limit
  • no worker at any NPP received a radiation dose that exceeded the regulatory limits
  • the frequency and severity of non-radiological injuries to workers were minimal
  • no radiological releases to the environment from the stations exceeded the regulatory limits
  • licensees complied with their licence conditions concerning Canada's international obligations
  • no NPP events, above level 0 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, were reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency

Table 1 summarizes the 2014 ratings for Canada's NPPs. This table presents the SCAs for each station, the industry averages, and the integrated plant ratings that gauge a plant's overall safety performance.

The rating categories are "fully satisfactory" (FS), "satisfactory" (SA), "below expectations" (BE) and "unacceptable" (UA).

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Table 1: Canadian nuclear power plant safety performance ratings for 2014
Safety and control area Bruce Darlington Pickering Gentilly-2 Point Lepreau Industry average
Management system SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Human performance management SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Operating performance SA FS FS SA SA SA SA
Safety analysis SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Physical design SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Fitness for service SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Radiation protection SA SA FS FS SA SA SA
Conventional health and safety FS FS SA SA SA FS FS
Environmental protection SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Emergency management and fire protection SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Waste management FS FS FS SA SA SA FS
Safeguards and non-proliferation SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Packaging and transport SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Integrated plant rating SA FS FS SA SA SA SA