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REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management, version 2 was published in September 2015. View the News Release for more information.

Accident Management, version 2 sets out the CNSC's requirements for the development, implementation and validation for integrated accident management at reactor facilities and provides guidance on how these requirements should be met. The document assists licensees to implement and maintain operational procedures, guidelines and adequate capabilities to deal with abnormal situations and accidents, including severe accidents. It includes amendments to reflect lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear event of March 2011, and addresses findings from the CNSC Fukushima Task Force Report.

REGDOC 2.3.2 Accident Management, version 2 supersedes: 

  • REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management (October 2014)
  • REGDOC-2.3.2, Severe Accident Management Programs for Nuclear Reactors (2013)
  • G-306, Severe Accident Management Programs for Nuclear Reactors (2006)

Status: published September 2015

Document Milestone Dates Links
Consultation August 20, 2013 to October 19, 2013 View News Release 13-28
View the consultation version of Draft REGDOC-2.3.2
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Invitation to provide feedback on comments received November 22, 2013 to December 6, 2013 View the comments received:
Feedback received   No feedback was received
Presentation to the Commission August 21, 2014 View the Consultation Report (PDF) and comments table (PDF)
Publication of REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management October 10, 2014 View the News Release
Publication of version 2 September 29, 2015 View the News Release