Document History of REGDOC-2.12.1, High-Security Sites: Volume I: Nuclear Response Force


REGDOC-2.12.1, High-Security Sites: Volume I: Nuclear Response Force, sets out the expectations of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) with respect to the minimum requirements for establishing, equipping, training, testing and deploying an onsite nuclear response force (NRF). The document applies to all persons whom the licensee is considering to train and authorize as NRF members. REGDOC-2.12.1 incorporates an updated NRF training plan, firearms qualifications and modern practices.

This regulatory document also describes the application process for licensees to request authorization for an NRF member to be designated as a CNSC-sponsored public agent in order to possess and have access to firearms, prohibited weapons, prohibited devices, prohibited ammunition or restricted weapons, for the purpose of carrying out his or her duties at a licensed high-security nuclear site.

REGDOC-2.12.1 superseded RD-298, Nuclear Response Force when it was published.


Published October 2013.

Document Milestone Dates Links
Consultation August 30, 2012 to October 29, 2012 Consultation limited to those with a valid need to know
Presentation to the Commission August 22, 2013  
Publication October, 2013 This document contains prescribed information and is available on a valid need-to-know basis.

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