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  • Published May 30, 2012

Document history

Document description

Guidance document GD-385, Pre-licensing Review of a Vendor's Reactor Design, describes the pre-licensing review process provided by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for assessing a vendor's design for a nuclear power plant or small reactor. The review considers the areas of design that relate to reactor safety, security and safeguards.

A pre-licensing review is an optional service provided by the CNSC. The review can be undertaken by a reactor vendor prior to an applicant's submission of a licence application to the CNSC. The objective of a pre-licensing review is to increase regulatory certainty while ensuring public safety.

This service does not certify a reactor design, and does not involve the issuance of a licence under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act. It is not required as part of the licensing process for a new nuclear power plant or small reactor. The conclusions of a design review do not bind or otherwise influence decisions made by the Commission, with whom the authority resides to issue licences for nuclear power plants and small reactors.

The specific terms of a given review will be determined through a service agreement with the vendor that is based on a mutually agreed upon fixed scope of work. The service agreement will specify any obligations on the part of the vendor. As such, no public consultation is proposed for this document.

As vendors make use of this document, they may make requests for more guidance or clarification. These requests will be considered at the next revision of this document.

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