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April 24, 2012

Subject: View feedback on comments received: RD/GD-210, Maintenance Programs for Nuclear Power Plants

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Listed below is the feedback on comments received by the CNSC during the consultation process for draft regulatory document RD/GD-210, Maintenance Programs for Nuclear Power Plants. The period for feedback on comments was from March 19 to April 10, 2012. View Information Bulletin 12-11 for more information.

The CNSC will prepare a report that will summarize the feedback we heard. It will be made available to the public once all comments have been reviewed. Please monitor the CNSC Web site for further details.

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The public comments posted here are not the views or opinions of the CNSC. The comments are posted in the language in which they were submitted.

These comments were submitted through or by fax at 613-995-5086:

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