Events Reporting: Radiation Device Licensees


Dose limit exceedance for a radiographer in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Date of event: January 30, 2018

On January 30, 2018, 20/20 ND Technologies Inc. reported to the CNSC, as required, about the potential for an exposure device operator to have received an effective dose of greater than 150 mSv. The company, located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, is licensed by the CNSC to conduct licensed activities (operations involving industrial radiography) throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In response to the reported overexposure, the licensee took the actions required by section 16 of the Radiation Protection Regulations : It removed the employee from work that could have added to the dose received, notified the CNSC of the dosimetry result, and performed an investigation to determine the cause of the exposure.

The CNSC is in contact with the licensee to ensure that appropriate follow-up actions are taken.


FCE Materials Testing Inc.

Date of event: Between 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 30 and
12:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 1, 2017

CNSC licensee FCE Materials Testing Inc. reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission the theft of a portable nuclear gauge containing Cs-137, a category 4 sealed source. The device was stolen while it was stored in its type A package overnight in a company vehicle in the Liberty Village area of Toronto.

The Toronto Police Service has been notified. The gauge has not been recovered. The portable gauge does not pose a hazard as long as it is not tampered with or damaged.

For more information on category 4 sealed sources, visit the CNSC’s sealed source tracking page.

Type A package

The device was stored in a yellow box, classified as a Type A package – 81 cm (32") length x 43 cm (17") width x 46 cm (18") height. The portable gauge is about the size of a shoebox, with an electronic keypad and a metal handle extending from the top.

Radiation device description:
Serial No. 1073

Manufacturer: QSA GLOBAL
Cs-137 – 370 MBq (sealed source serial number 501110)
Am-241/Be – 1480 MBq (sealed source serial number 477640)


Cave Inspection Ltd.

Date of event: August 3, 2016

Cave Inspection Ltd. reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) that it had lost a Sentinel Delta 880 radiographic exposure device on the evening of Wednesday, August 3, 2016 along a highway in Alberta. The licensee recovered the device the next day on August 4, 2016. CNSC packaging requirements for this type of device are designed to withstand extreme drops, fire and direct impacts. Therefore, the device was in safe condition to be transported back to a secure storage location for inspection. There was no impact to members of the public or the environment, and the CNSC was in constant contact with the licensee and local response authorities to ensure that appropriate follow up actions were taken.

West Fraser Mill Ltd.

Date of event: March 9, 2016

CNSC licensee West Fraser Mill Ltd. notified the CNSC of a fire at their Quesnel, BC mill occurring at 17:30 MST on March 9, 2016. Six nuclear gauges containing Cs–137, used for routine monitoring of industrial processes in the mill, were in the vicinity of the fire. An inspection and radiation survey of the gauges by the licensee indicates that the sources are intact and that the gauges were not damaged by the fire or heat. Pursuant to regulations, the gauges will be leak tested before being put back into service. The licensee appears to have properly implemented the emergency response provisions of the radiation safety manual referenced in its CNSC licence. CNSC staff are therefore satisfied that there is adequate protection for the environment and the health and safety of all persons.


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