History of Discussion Papers

View the history of each of the following discussion papers:

History of each of the following discussion papers
Paper Title Status Format
DIS-16-05 Human Performance Consultation has closed DIS-16-05 PDF
DIS-16-04 Small Modular Reactors: Regulatory Strategy, Approaches and Challenges Consultation has closed DIS-16-04 PDF
DIS-16-03 Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning Consultation has closed DIS-16-03 PDF
DIS-16-02 Radiation Protection and Dosimetry

Consultation completed

What we Heard Report

DIS-16-02 PDF
DIS-16-01 How the CNSC Considers Information on Costs and Benefits: Opportunities to Improve Guidance and Clarity Completed

What We Heard Report

DIS-16-01 PDF
DIS-15-02 Review of CNSC Documentation on the Security of Nuclear Material Consultation has closed DIS-15-02 PDF
DIS-15-01 Proposal to Amend  the Nuclear Non-proliferation Import and Export Control Regulations Completed

What We Heard Report

DIS-15-01 PDF
DIS-14-02 Modernizing the CNSC's Regulations Completed

What We Heard Report

DIS-14-02 PDF
DIS-14-01 Design Extension Conditions for Nuclear Power Plants Completed

DIS-14-01 What We Heard Report

DIS-14-01 PDF
DIS-13-02 Proposed Amendments to Regulations Made Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act Completed

DIS-13-02 What We Heard Report

DIS-13-02 PDF
DIS-13-01 Proposals to Amend the Radiation Protection Regulations

DIS-13-01 Completed

DIS-13-01 What We Heard report

DIS-13-01 PDF
DIS-12-07 Safety Culture for Nuclear Licensees DIS-12-07 Completed

DIS-12-07 What We Heard report

DIS-12-07 PDF
DIS-12-06 Proposal to Amend the Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations DIS-12-06 Completed DIS-12-06 PDF
DIS-12-05 Administrative Monetary Penalties

DIS-12-05 Completed

DIS-12-05 What We Heard report

DIS-12-05 PDF
DIS-12-04 Regulated Timelines: Proposed Amendments to the Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations and the Uranium Mines and Mills Regulations

DIS-12-04 Completed

DIS-12-04 What We Heard report

DIS-12-04 PDF
DIS-12-03 Fitness for Duty: Proposals for Strengthening Alcohol and Drug Policy, Programs and Testing

Reference document: Archived: INFO-0831 - Recent Alcohol and Drug Workplace Policies in Canada: Considerations for the Nuclear Industry (PDF)

DIS-12-03 Completed

DIS-12-03 What We Heard report

DIS-12-03 PDF
DIS-12-02 Process for Establishing Release Limits and Action Levels at Nuclear Facilities DIS-12-02 Completed

DIS-12-02 What We Heard report

Stakeholder Workshop report

No feedback on comments was received

DIS-12-02 PDF

DIS-12-01 Protection of Groundwater at Nuclear Facilities in Canada DIS-12-01 Completed

DIS-12-01 What We Heard report

DIS-12-01 PDF

DIS-11-01 Implementation of Financial Guarantees for Licensees DIS-11-01 View comments received

DIS-11-01 PDF

DIS-10-01 Management of Uranium Mine Waste Rock and Mill Tailings DIS-10-01Completed

DIS-10-01 PDF