Benefits at a Glance for Executives (MGT, RLE, and LC)

The CNSC strives to nurture managers who can foster and inspire other professionals, build great teams, and boost employee performance in order to generate outstanding service to Canadians. Some of the unique benefits we offer to support you include:


The CNSC Recognition program recognizes and honours employees’ and teams’ initiatives, their contributions to the priorities and success of the CNSC and the promotion of its culture and values. It also supports the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service. All CNSC indeterminate and term employees as well as those on interchange can be recognized under this framework.


The CNSC is committed to supporting the development of skills and knowledge as this enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and builds a professional, competent, versatile and motivated workforce.

Other benefits include:
Annual Leave
  • Minimum 20 days/year
Carry-over of Annual leave
  • 2 times the annual leave credited to an employee
Sick Leave
  • Employees earn 1.25 paid days/month which can be accumulated
Designated Paid Holidays
  • 11 paid days/year
Family-related Leave
  • Up to 5 paid days per year
Personal Leave
  • 2 paid days per year
Bereavement Leave
  • For immediate family, may receive up to 5 paid working days and up to 3 paid travel days if required
  • For near relatives, may receive 1 paid working day to attend the funeral
Marriage Leave
  • Up to 5 paid days for marriage
Care and Nurturing
  • Leave without pay for a minimum of 3 weeks but up to 5 years over an employee’s public service career for care of pre-school aged children or long-term care of a family member in the household
Education Leave
  • Leave without pay for a maximum of 3 years to attend a recognized institution for study in a field related to employee’s role
  • An allowance in lieu of salary may be considered
Maternity/Parental Leave
  • Leave without pay entitlement of 18 weeks maternity and 34 weeks parental for a maximum of 52 weeks leave without pay
  • May be entitled to top-up allowance of up to 93% of basic salary in conjunction with Employment Insurance Benefits
Personal Needs Leave
  • Leave without pay for a period up to 3 months and a period of up to 1 year may be granted for personal needs.
Leave with Income Averaging
  • Leave without pay for between 5 and 12 weeks whereby an employee’s pay can be reduced and averaged out over a period of 12 months.
Pre-retirement Transition Leave
  • Employees who are within 2 years of meeting eligibility of retirement may opt to reduce their workweek up to 40% (up to 2 days per week)
  • Pay is adjusted accordingly however pension and benefit contributions and coverage would be maintained at pre-arrangement levels.
Banked Time
  • Managers may bank up to 15 extra hours per month based on productive work that can be taken as leave at a later date
  • Maximum of 75 hrs in a calendar year
Computer Allowance
  • Reimbursement up to $5,000 every 4 years
Performance Award
  • Eligible for performance awards based on contributions throughout the year against the goals and objectives of the organization.
Membership Fees
  • Where there is a job requirement for a professional designation, employees receive full reimbursement of the membership fee.
  • Where it is not a job requirement employees may still receive up to $300 to cover the cost of any professional membership.
Benefit plans


  • As per the "Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment – Executive Employees"
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